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Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe in Des Moines, Iowa is a special place where you can feel totally at ease selecting a new guitar, tuning up or repairing your present one, or recording your music. We are the only music store in Des Moines that houses a fully operational recording studio. Our mission is to support local music and create a broader audience for the guitar. We are achieving our mission one person at a time - by creating guitar players who will attend concerts, perform themselves, and be an advocate for the instrument. Regardless of your age or experience level, our instructors will custom tailor guitar lessons to help you improve your playing ability with the instrument.

We specialize in helping musicians find their dream guitar. We hand-select the right guitar and fit it to each player. Using the right guitar is an integral part in producing the type of sound a musician wants as well as motivating the music. A properly fitted guitar in a new player's hand is a wonderful thing. Because of the high quality construction and fitting, it will be easier for him to pick up and play, and his ability to study and get up to speed will be faster.

We also have expert guitar technicians on our staff, who can repair and adjust your guitar to best fit your playing style. Matt Mains is the man on electrics, and Heidi does excellent restoration work. A properly set up guitar can really enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction with the instrument! See us today, if you want our experts to give your guitar a tune up!!!

We sell a wide variety of new & used guitars including classical, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. We also offer amplifiers of many shapes and sizes, from the ubiquitous practice amp to Marshalls, Randalls, and Laneys. We also carry a complete line of accessories, such as strings, tuners, effects pedals, guitar stands, effects gear, and music books.

Our staff are fellow musicians, who perform live gigs, write, and record their own music.

Looking for that 'special' guitar or one-on-one guitar lessons?

Call us at (515) 278-8780

We offer expert instruction for all ages. All of our instructors read music for the instrument and teach music for the instrument - that's not universal in the music business. Choose your own music style - rock, folk, country, classical. Our instructors have over 40 years of combined experience. The atmosphere crafted by our instructors is friendly, and easy-going. We support the efforts of local musicians, and firmly believe that nearly anyone can enrich their lives by learning to play the guitar.

We also offer appraisal services for rare and vintage guitars, as well as setup and repair of all models of guitar. Contact us for more information. We are experts of the Classical guitar. We can guide you through your search for a fine classical guitar instrument. If needed, we can have a custom fitted classical guitar made for you by one of our expert luthiers. You can select the wood for the instrument, and have the overall measurements fitted to you.

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