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We have expert instructors at Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe. Our teachers help beginners feel welcome and provide an artistic ear for advanced players that will help them further their goals. We provide honest evaluations about a musician's weaknesses, as well a shoring up his strengths. We're devoted to getting you down the road toward your goals as quickly and comfortably as possible. We don't just teach, we coach.

What's the secret to getting good instruction? Having a goal. That goal can be based on a repertory - wanting to play certain music, a heroship goal - playing like a certain person, or simply learning elements of style. The main focus should be in setting your goal and striving towards it. We allow the student to guide the process as much as possible. There are certain elements that can't be skipped over, like technique and learning the rudiments, such as scales, but we try to make a compromise between what the student wants and what the student needs to have. Call us today to get signed up!

Michael Curry - Our heavy metal shred master. Michael played lead guitar with bands in the Los Angeles, California music scene for many years. He is one of the fastest and most thorough players on the electric guitar. He also has a classical background, and is a songwriter. Michael is extremely knowledgeable in music theory, scales, and composition. In the past, he has manufactured custom guitars for people. If you want to learn to play like Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael is your man! Michael is a wonderful teacher, who can take you to levels of guitar playing that you thought you'd never get to.

Dirk Post - Dirk teaches a variety of styles, and is adept in several genres on the guitar, ranging from classical to heavy metal music. He was extensively trained on the classical guitar, and often performs at weddings and social events. Dirk also teaches guitar in the Des Moines Public School system. He's currently in the studio, recording a new CD. Dirk has a very warm personality, and always goes the extra mile for his students. Dirk says the most pleasure he derives from teaching is seeing a student develop his or her talents over time. Dirk just finished recording 3 new CD's, which are available for sale at the guitar shoppe!

Willie James Shay - Willie is known for his expert guitar techniques in jazz & blues. Willie has authored a book on his guitar technique called 'Cycling Through The Guitar' (which is available in the store), and has released a CD of his songs. He is in the process of completing two more lesson books on learning the guitar, which will be printed and released very soon! Willie specializes in jazz improv methodologies. If you want jazz guitar lessons, Willie is your hook up! Willie has traveled extensively around the United States, and has a vast pool of styles that he can dip into. If you're into fingerstyle picking, or bluegrass, have a lesson with Willie. If that weren't enough, Willie gives harmonica lessons as well. He's a very knowledgeable resource!

Matt Ver Steeg - Matt teaches beginning guitar for newer students. Whether you're 44 or 14, you will be exposed to his extreme passion for music! In addition to giving guitar lessons, Matt is our recording guru. He is a producer/recordist who owns and operates the recording studio located in our building. He is a prolific songwriter, an adept studio session player, and has an easygoing demeanor. He hosts a weekly television show, 'In The Studio', which airs on public access channel 15 in Des Moines at 8:30pm Tuesday and 5:00pm Wednesdays. Matt attempts to make your recording session something that you will enjoy. Matt loves working with independent musicians, whether it's one song or a complete CD. Matt has released his own CD, which is available HERE.

Paul Wilson - Paul is our Master of the classical guitar, who studied under the great Andres Segovia and Christopher Parkening. We don't use the term Master lightly around the guitar shop. Paul truly IS one. If you feel like the classical guitar is your dream instrument, Paul Wilson is the man to see, and take lessons from. Check out some of his songs on the AUDIO page. Paul's musical journey began by playing in the folk music scene in the 1960s. His early background working in Mo town at the Chuck Berry recording studio during its heyday, along with touring with such rock and roll legends like Ted Nugent, helped to form his unique style. Over the years, he has taught over 15,000 students to play the guitar. Paul also custom builds classical style guitars in his spare time. He performs solo classical guitar concerts at various functions throughout the year, and also tours with his band MPH. He's recorded several albums and CD's over the years. Paul also works closely with praise and worship groups from various churches, providing guidance in establishing their music worship teams. Paul is a true gem and excellent resource for the Des Moines music community.


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