Classical guitar sales and instruction

We carry guitars from a variety of manufacturers, including:

Cort Guitars - a world class instrument with emphasis on performance

Crate Amplifiers - Great sounding guitar amps

Godin Guitars - Get ready to change your mind about what a guitar can do!

Goodall Guitars - Acoustic excellence

Hill Guitar Company - Handcrafting classical guitars for over 25 years

Jackson Guitar Company - Whatever you play, play it loud and play a Jackson

The Ko'olau Guitar & 'Ukulele Company - Fine handcrafted musical instruments made in Hawaii

Schecter Guitars - Great value priced instruments played by guitarists around the world

Seagull Guitars - Straight-ahead information about acoustic guitars.

Taylor Guitars - One of the world's most successful and highly regarded acoustic guitar manufacturers

Ultrasound Amps - The ultimate amplifier for acoustic guitars! (We sell a LOT of them!)

Washburn International - Imaginative solid-body electrics and a pioneer in electricacoustic guitar design

When you need a recording studio, music video, or video post-production in Des Moines:

Matt Ver Steeg's V-Studios- Operated by a producer and recordist who loves, writes, and performs music!

Other Sites of Interest:

Christopher Parkening - One of the world’s preeminent virtuosos of the classical guitar

Luthiers Mercantile Import - Guitar-maker woods and materials

The Guitar Foundation - America's leading guitar organization

Douglas Somervell - Luthier

Guild of America Luthiers



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