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Matt in action

Matt in the studio
Matt Ver Steeg is one of those musicians that has the uncanny ability to come up with new songs, virtually at the drop of a hat. He plays with a lot of emotion, and is very passionate about music. Matt has released a CD of his music, which you can find here.
Matt primarily teaches guitar to beginners. It's his forte, or choice. He loves watching a student come back week after week, and noticing the improvement in their playing ability. His motto is: "Start with baby steps. Master the basics first. Get your fingers trained to do what they need to do, and then the rest will follow!" He finishes by saying "The guitar is an easy instrument to pick up and play, but a difficult one to master."

Matt owns the recording studio that is co-located inside of the Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe. His rates are very reasonable, and he knows his chops in that department. He is a strong advocate for the independant musician, and hosts a weekly television show to educate and encourage people to make music. Matt says "I really believe that music is in the heart and soul of everyone. Music is part of the human experience. I'd like to see more people get out there, and make the music that they feel, regardless of what style it is. We need more people creating fresh music, who are not afraid to bend or break the rules." When asked about what type of music he likes to record, Matt replied "I like music that is real, that is played live. I want to hear a person that actually plays their instrument, instead of a computerized MIDI sequence. I don't mind recording tracks that have a couple of mistakes or tempo variations in them. That just enhances the human element of the song, in my opinion. Passion and the ability to convey emotion is key in a song. I'll take passion over perfection any day of the week!"

Matt believes that everybody has a song inside of them, and that they need to record it.

Matt's songs are available for download on iTunes. You can find them here!