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Willie James Shay

Has been playing for over 40 years. In 1969 toured the US with a band called Ambergris. In 1972-74 made an album with Catmother and the All Night Newsboys, which was recorded in the famed Jimmy Hendrix Electric Lady Land Studios in NYC. Opened for Pat Benatar and Eric Johnson. In 1979, toured with Gene Clark of the Byrds. Attended Cabrillo Jazz college in Santa Cruz, CA for a year and a half.

Willie's real passion is Jazz. It's evidenced practically any time you visit the guitar shop. He's always in the acoustic room, and the smooth tones of the jazz guitar can be heard!

Willie has recorded and released a CD, and has also authored a book of guitar instruction 'Cycling Through The Guitar', which is available through the guitar shop. Willie is readying up two NEW books on the guitar. They should be going to print soon.